Fake Word of the Week

Rarely am I this snarky on the outside, but it’s almost always like this on the inside, and I decided in favour of novelty today. This is neither pro- or anti-state, pro- or anti-education system. It’s anti-bad-thinking. And now, your Fake Word of the Week.

Hypocrazy (n.): The false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion, with particular reference to total illogic.

Source: Unintentional typo of an online friend.

Context: A friend of mine was recently informed by a self-appointed life critiquer that children belong to the state, not to parents. (Assuming children belong to anyone, I suppose there’s an argument to be had here…)

On that premise, the self-appointed critiquer concluded that “we taxpayers” have the right to monitor how “you homeschoolers” raise and educate children, because “we taxpayers’s” children have the right to live alongside others who will integrate peacefully and productively into the state. After all, that’s why the state gave birth to them from its own fleshy loins, right?

If there were a Darwin Award for sticking one’s finger in a logic light socket, this assertion would certainly be a nominee. In the (universally applicable, ultimately non-partisan) wisdom of Frank Caliendo, there’s two kinds of words: inside words and outside words. Inside words stay in, and outside words come out. I guess somebody’s inside words popped out.

Homeschoolers pay education taxes too, and thus (by this argument) have a right to demand that parents of public school children be held accountable for how they raise the next generation of civic and/or criminal irresponsibility to fruition. Not that no homeschoolers are criminals or all public schoolers are irresponsible, but as soon as we start talking about broad-brush accountability principles, the statistical realities of being the mainstream majority come back to bite one on the butt.

Hypocrazy, isn’t it.