To leave is a profound thing. Every part of life has some leaving–each day includes a trail of unfinished tasks, uncaptured moments. There are finite seconds in each moment.

Eye contact missed between loved ones as mundane duties take over. Words unspoken. Time spent and gone forever, just staying afloat in the maelstrom of doing what must be done.

Sometimes, it helps to leave behind what must be done.

So we did. After the writing conference, I didn’t fly home to Canada. I flew to Denver, and there I met my husband and kids. We travelled the American southwest for the next three weeks.

Sometimes, it hurts to leave behind what must be done, and find that it isn’t really that much of a “must” after all. What has the time been spent for? When one comes back, then what does one do with all that’s unfinished?

I don’t know. I do know that I began to feel cherished by my husband again while we were away. Dry places in our conjoined spiritual life found some water. With the younglings ever-present, it’s not easy to find time, even with everything else out of the way. We found some.

After leaving, there is life. And now that we’ve returned, I wonder what we should leave behind a little more, instead of an unfinished list of the things that glue our lives together.